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Corporate Program Purpose

​KristinFitness will drive wellness program participation! Well-being programs utilizing a highly personalized approach experience greater employee support,  as well as increased medical cost savings.


  1. Improve employee health & well-being

  2. Control health care costs

  3. Create a culture of wellness, cohesiveness and productivity for your Corporation

Read how Health Coaches drive wellness program participation here. READ MORE

KristinFitness Health Coaching Roles:

  1. Serve as the health and fitness expert and the go-to person on heath, wellness and nutrition issues for your employees. 

  2. Guide, educate and support employees with easy-to-implement healthy eating, movement and stress-relief strategies to improve and maintain good physical and mental wellbeing. Support will be delivered to employees via regular e-letters, video/audio training and webinars/recorded sessions on exercise, eating healthy, stress management and overall wellness. Each month will have a specific topic/focus for your employees to follow (see topics below)

  3. Provide live one-on-one support for employees (“Call Coach Kristin”) via phone or video-chat on the employee’s individual health and nutrition concerns. 


"It was helpful to have her supports and knowledge which has helped me to create healthy change day by day. I have been able to share my healthy new healthy habits with colleagues and now they are also interested in in joining me on this journey. Kristin’s program has helped me to see and live a more healthy and energetic private and professional life. Kristin’s recommendations around my health concerns encouraged me and gives me focus. Her lifestyle suggestions with meditation and self-care are also great and help me to crowd out stress and hectic demands at work and help me to be more present and productive. Thank you for offering this support and information!!  Thank you Kristin, for your coaching for Orbcomm.  I love what you are doing  Keep going."

Sarina Coert - ORBCOMM® Hoensbroek, the Netherlands

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