Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Is your eating out of control?

Alongside Healthcare for Women, a group of OBGYN doctors, I created the Me-No-Pause! 12-Week Coaching program to eliminate your struggle and find freedom through the menopause transition. 

Women who have completed this coaching program experience:

  • a newfound energy

  • better sleep

  • diminished hot flashes

  • weight loss (belly fat!)

  • improved digestion

  • decreased joint pain

  • relief from anxiety and depression

  • other symptoms related to the hormonal changes in and through the menopausal transition. 

These women begin to feel a sense of joy, purpose and direction for their future, leaving behind that, “just get me through the day” state of mind.

With this group, you will learn how to reduce symptoms related to your hormones and fee! better physically and emotionally!


Together we will establish your Personalized Hormone Healing Roadmap!

All of this is achieved in a supportive community environment where you will also receive one-on-one guidance and support from me, your coach. Together we develop your personal roadmap to help you reach your goals and begin taking small steps to heal your body and mind.

As a group we meet weekly via Zoom sessions, as well as in our private Facebook group and interacting via text and email. You will receive a weekly lesson on aspects of healing your hormones with food, exercise and lifestyle, and receive weekly handouts and meal-planning guidance to assist you on your journey.

One client who struggled with weight gain, low energy and fatigue, began using some of the tools I recommend and shared this:

“Kristin guided me to deal with menopausal weight gain. The paradigm shift has blown my mind. I am losing belly fat and am feeling great. Thanks Kristin!”— Karen L.

There is a kinder, gentler way to manage symptoms. You can feel better, I promise!!! And in my 12-week Me-No-Pause Coaching Program, I will share with you a blueprint that has helped so many women get their body and mind back by using natural solutions to feel better in this new phase of life.  

In Kristin’s 12-Week Hormone Healing Integrative Nutrition Course, you will learn how to break free of the vicious tired-hungry-irritable-bloated-sick cycle and feel so much better! You will learn what to eat (and when) to balance your hormones, reduce inflammation and lose unwanted fat—especially around your middle! Kristin will help you sort through all the information (and misinformation) about everything from Keto to Paleo to Whole 30, and help determine the best foods for YOU! She’ll also share her powerful formula to help you remove obstacles to your physical and emotional health and find your roadmap to a sustainable ideal weight. She works with your unique bio individuality to determine what you need for weight loss, healing and resilience. 





  • You’re constantly tired—waking up feeling sluggish, afternoon energy dip and have trouble sleeping and crave sugar

  • You’ve gained weight and you have trouble losing weight (especially around your midsection - stomach, thighs, hips)

  • You’re anxious, depressed, irritable or have ‘brain fog’ 

  • You know what to do but are struggling to do it!

  • You suffer from inflammatory, gut issues or autoimmune disease 

  • You are feeling the effects of peri-menopause, menopause or are post-menopausal (age 40 - 55+)

  • You have bloating, digestive problems or joint pain

  • You’re experiencing dry skin & hair, hair loss or puffiness around your eyes

  • You feel that your body has betrayed you …and you’re ready to feel like yourself again

  • You want to be free of your weight loss battle.



With Kristin’s strategies the weight started to come off, my mood lifted and today I feel good in my own skin. — Rochelle Courtney, July 2020

The intimate community helped me to stay accountable and helped me to keep making progress. As a bonus, my sugar cravings went away and I lost 7 pounds. — Celia Hale, July  2020

The dietary shifts I made feel really good. I’ve learned a more sensible workout plan and with the meal timing plan Kristin helped me with I don’t have the sugar and carb cravings I used to have so badly. I’m eating more mindfully and less! So grateful for what I have learned and the results I have received. — Kristi Dooley, September 2020


Week #1: Meal timing, food combining & what to eat & when to promote fat loss and feel better. A look at what's working and what's not. 


How to stabilize blood sugar for optimal hormone health and end food (sugar!) cravings for good (Lose belly fat!)


How to sort through all the information (and misinformation) about food /diets and exercise  — what protocol REALLY works best for you?


How to apply your individual needs versus a one-size fits all dieting approach.


How to recognize and "crowd out"  eating habits causing food cravings that cause fat storage. What is missing from your diet that is causing your fat-loss struggles.


Learn: Strategies to replace food cravings with doable action steps to make positive shifts and become a fat burner 

Gut health: What is causing your digestion distress?


Learn: How gut distress (bloating, gas, reflux, abdominal discomfort) can lead to autoimmune disease and what foods to avoid and add in to promote gut health.


Learn strategies for a better night's sleep— the most important weight loss strategy to get dialed in for weight loss long term.


Learn stress management tools easy and short breath work protocols and meditations to help with stress reduction for increased energy and weight loss to help you feel better!


This is a 12-Week transformational integrative nutrition health coaching course designed to help you make step-by-step changes on your personal journey to navigate your menopausal years, lose physical and emotional weight and learn how to fuel your body inside and out!


  • Weekly Live Small Group Health Coaching Zoom sessions (check-in and Q & A)  (sessions recorded)

  • Private google drive housing articles, videos, handouts, meal plans, hormone-healing recipes, exercise protocols and pertinent information for your success and group support and accountability. 

  • Private FB community and group text for support and accountability

  • Daily support from Coach Kristin via email, FB and text support



Email or text Kristin @ (703) 401-9352.



I know you’re going to love this program and the results you get. I actually guarantee it! That means if you participate in each program element and don’t feel like you achieved a platform for creating the change you were seeking when you joined, just send me an email at and I will refund 100% of your cost back.

Me • No • Pause

Embracing the change!

A 12-Week Coaching Program



Certified Holistic Nutrition & Fitness Counselor through the
American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP),

Personal Trainer (AFFA), Yoga Instructor, Author