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Join the 90-day program that will help you ignite your energy and reset your hormones so that you can feel like yourself again! 

No diets. No fads. No expensive meal plans or unrealistic workout schedules. Just sound, research-backed principles to put into practice. The Me•No•Pause Coaching Program is helping women navigate menopause using nutrition, exercise, community and mindset strategies to feel better in this new season of life!

My symptoms decreased dramatically and I was quickly able to find the foods that triggered symptoms. I went from almost constantly debilitating hot flashes to a few hot flashes that were manageable. I've even gone some days without hot flashes, which I haven't seen in years!

M. B. 2022

Tandy Flecker

Kristin helped me set goals and develop habits that I plan to continue for the rest of my life. [The program] was an excellent experience

Karen Cerino

I was a former marine and I always say "lead from the front." Kristin does that.

Amy Love

Kristin moves at a pace where you can digest it. She holds your hand and walks you along. She's available to answer all your questions. She's very responsive.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
Are you struggling with frustrating menopausal symptoms? 

If so, I want to offer

you hope

Hi! I'm Kristin

And I’m inviting you to the most effective 90 days of menopause, nutrition, fitness and life coaching you’ve ever experienced.

  • Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped women like you move past fighting their bodies to finally achieve dramatic, sustainable results in this new season of life..

  • Unlike most programs that set you up to rely on complicated systems, expensive meal plans, and unrealistic workout schedules especially if you are someone who has gone back to old habits once the program ends…

  • My goal is to strip away all of the unnecessary “rules” and help you create a lifestyle you can commit to so you can unleash a fitter, happier, and healthier version of yourself in just 90 days.

Woman preparing vegetable
  • Custom workouts based on your schedule, preferences, and goals.

  • Weekly BLUEPRINT workouts to help reach your goal quickly and effectively, no more guessing what to do. It's your road map to Point A to Point Z

  • Included variety of postpartum modifications, pelvic floor core exercises, and me cheering you on to help motivate you to reach your goals

  • Weekly nutrition guidance, to help direct the right choices, maximize your results, relieve menopause symptoms, increase energy, feel better.

  • You create your perfect balance, without the restriction and with the variety of easy to follow recipes and my favorite go-to food choices and brands, as well as supplements I use and recommend for symptom relief.

  • Check-ins and plan adjustment to custom preferences, and goals

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  • Individualized 90-Day Roadmap with weekly Zoom calls to help reach your goals, stay on track with the program, customize your workouts and nutrition routine, and support.

  • Weekly accountability text check-ins with unlimited access to me whenever you need me between 9am-5pm M-F

  • Private Facebook Group access with my community.

What's Included

Why Work With Me

  • 15+ years experience working with Women in the perimenopause and menopause space (40+). I have done the research and follow the science and worked with hundreds of women to help them establish their personalized healthy lifestyle roadmap in menopause and beyond.

  • Develop your personalized plan to get results. I help you establish a new roadmap by getting clear on what you need to to nourish your body and mind and stay focused on creating new habits that will help you reach your goals.

  • Overcome obstacles faster with daily personal coaching one-on-one via text or in our closed facebook community. Understand underlying reasons you tend to repeat the same on-a diet, off a diet patterns and learn to finally overcome it. No more repeating the same old problem over

  • Start feeling excited about your life again because you know what needs to happen for you to make changes to achieve the goals that matter to you.

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What the Program Covers


Menopause explained! Top 7 nutrition & lifestyle strategies to get you started!


Macronutrients: What we need to be eating in menopause


Build your macro plate


Insulin resistance and blood sugar regulation for weight management


Exercise in a new way through menopause


Solutions for sleep 


Meal timing for hormone balance


Hormones and brain health


Gut Health and your hormones


Stress and your hormones

Thyroid and liver health 


Your Me.No.Pause! Healthy Habit Stacking Protocol 

for life!

  • Can I reach out to you via text or email?
    Yes, I am your coach on call for the 12 weeks (M-F; 9 am - 5 pm)! But I do encourage using the FB group as this is a safe place to share and there is a good chance others may have a similar question or appreciate your asking:)
  • Will I be able to meet with you one-on-one or only in the group?
    I am available at all times in the Facebook group, via email as well as via text and for two individual Zoom check-in calls over your 12-week program to answer any individual questions and concerns.
  • Is this a diet?
    No, this is a lifestyle and we focus on mindset shifting versus willpower and restriction. You receive practical solutions for your menopausal body which encompass nutrition, supplement recommendations, exercise, sleep solution via habit stacking for all things menopause.
  • Do you offer meal plans and recipes?
    Yes, I offer many options of foods to add in and those to crowd out to support your hormonal changes in menopause. I give you yummy grab-and go- meals, as well as a seasonal meal plan with recipes that taste amazing and are quick to prepare and easy to follow.
  • How much time will the program take?
    The main part of this program happens during your day-to day life. It is meant to bring increased awareness of your daily habits, so that you can achieve step by step shifts that work with your life. We have one weekly one-hour coaching call via Zoom. During the call, each participant checks in and then I go into a presentation on one of the 12 lessons, followed by a question and answer portion. We end the call by setting goals for the upcoming week.
  • What is the best time/age to do this program?
    The sooner you can learn how to take care of your body and its response to your hormone changes the better. The majority of women in this program range from age 40-65 and range from being in the very beginning stages of perimenopause to being post-menopausal (which continues as long as we are alive:)
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I know you’re going to love this program and the results you get. I actually guarantee it! That means if you participate in every program element and show up to every coaching session and don’t feel like you achieved a platform for creating the change you were seeking when you joined, just send me an email at and I will refund 100% of your cost back.
  • Can I use insurance to cover the program cost?
    Several women have been able to use their FSA to pay for the coaching program, while others have had a doctor referral for insurance coverage.
  • What happens when the program is finished?
    Once you complete the 12-week Me.No.Pause program, you will be invited to join the “Next Level” Me.No.Pause group, where I share the most up-to-date research and science, along with practical support and goal-setting to keep you on track and accountable. There is a monthly coaching session via Zoom where I will share on a Menopause health topic along with a question and answer portion.
  • Is there a Facebook group?
    Yes! Private, confidential and closed to the public. This space is used to ask general question and comments. I will also use this space to post recordings and week-ahead guidance as well as ongoing support.
  • What if I miss a coaching call?
    Coaching sessions are recorded, so that you can listen on your own time, but it is recommended that you attend these session live.
  • Will I lose weight?
    Although this is not the main focus of the program, most women DO lose body fat, especially around their midsection, by following the step-by-step guidance provided in this program.
  • How is the program structured?
    Once you register for the program, you will receive access to all of the lessons with videos, accompanying handouts, meal plans, nutrition and supplement recommendations as well as exercise guidelines. We begin with a one-on-one coaching session to determine your goals and come up with your new healthy living roadmap You will have daily access to me, your coach via text (M-F; 9am-5 pm) As a group we meet once a week via Zoom where we do an individual check-in, followed be the lesson of the week recap with slides (recorded), ending with your new habit/focus for the week ahead. There is a private FB group for accountability, support, questions and sharing.
Yoga Teacher
The journey towards health
begins on the path of self love. Begin your journey today.
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