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Kristin's experience, knowledge and passion for helping women find their inner strength motivates each client to reach beyond their comfort level and make positive changes in body composition. Kristin is known for designing effective and time efficient workouts for women, meeting them where they are in life both in age and health issues. In small group or individual training session, each participant gets the benefit of Kristin's individualized attention, motivational coaching and positive focus. 


Strength training serves many roles. 

Muscles begin to shrink every year after the age 25 while declining growth hormone production begins to occur. Muscle dictates your metabolism. The more you have, the more calories you’ll burn, even when you aren’t working out. The primary goal of strength training for most is to maintain or regain muscle that has been lost in order to lose weight.



Enjoy learning how to prepare foods that taste great and leave you feeling satisfied :)


Metabolic Training or HIIT is the ultimate fusion of anaerobic strength and aerobic cardio exercise and adds a new twist to the classic strength training routines of the past. This type of workout is a total body interval workout using short, max effort anaerobic work periods performed in an alternating set format with short, incomplete rest periods between exercises.


My spinning program is designed to promote fat loss using a scientifically based protocol of anaerobic and aerobic cardiovascular conditioning. Each participant is challenged to work at her individualized pace and effort using a heart rate monitor. Due to the consistent small group training environment, camaraderie and variations of in each workout, fitness is built one class at a time.



2X a week is recommended

“When I started with Kristin, my goal was to develop muscle tone and core strength for my overall wellbeing and to prevent injuries on the tennis court. Her exercises are challenging, creative and fun, and have helped me identify and isolate specific muscle groups to achieve my goals.  Kristin motivates me to go beyond my preconceived limitations to reach for higher goals and succeed. Thanks to our workouts, I find I have more energy, flexibility and strength and have noticeably improved my muscle tone. Through positive feedback and encouragement, Kristin has helped me develop confidence and strength on and off the (tennis) court.”

Lisa Stewart

If you are interested in personal or small group training, but need a different time/day and have two friends who can join you, please contact me to set up your workout program! 

My small group workouts offer the individual attention of personal training in a more affordable small group setting. Each new participant will receive a one on one goal setting session to determine the most effective workout plan along with nutrition guidance to achieve maximum results.



4 Sessions: $200

6 Sessions: $300

8 Sessions: $390

9 Sessions: $440


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