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YOGA for a Balanced Body


As we age and our bodies experience a hormonal shift, we often experience weight gain, poor sleep, increased cravings, stress and the list goes on. By incorporating this yoga practice into your fitness routine, you can get out of your busy mind & body space for 50 minutes and into the balance your body and mind craves.  


Class Description:

This class is a flowing, dynamic yoga practice that connects movement with breath. You will be guided through a series of sun salutations and a variety of poses, with a core-focus, concluding with a meditation. I will talk you through proper form and breath to maintain a balance of effort and ease in your mind, body and spirit. 

Your Trainer is Kristin DiDomenico, Certified Yoga Instructor


Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm via Zoom starting October 5th

All Levels welcome.  LIMITED to 6 participants per group.


Modifications and guidance will be given on an individual basis. 

Special Introductory Offer: 6 class special: $149 

Email to reserve your spot!

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