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Shift one bad habit this week...Here's how!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Hey friends!

I hope you had a relaxing long weekend and enjoyed some time with friends and family:)

To continue on the theme...I want to offer you a challenge....a place to begin! 🇺🇸It’s the INDEPENDENCE DAY CHALLENGE! 🇺🇸

Is there something you need to become independent of in your life?! This week we’re going to get rid of a bad habit of YOUR choice. We all have that ONE LITTLE HABIT we’re working on. This is the week we kick it to the curb for an ENTIRE week. (Hopefully longer … but at least for this week.)

Some examples:

  • Drinking diet soda or coffee shop drinks every day

  • Nighttime snacking

  • Biting your nails

  • Staying up late playing video games

  • Going out for lunch every day

  • Something else you have been thinking of quitting

👉But that’s not all! We’re going to go into this challenge PREPARED to SUCCEED.

That means intentionally CHOOSING something that you’ll REPLACE that habit with.

  • Drinking water instead of soda or coffee

  • Activity to replace snacking or gaming

  • Brown bagging a lunch vs. hitting the sandwich shop

  • Etc.

What habit are you saying BYE to this week? I want to hear from you!!


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I look forward to talking to you to see if this program is a good fit for you!

Yours in health & fitness,


“Kristin guided me to deal with menopausal weight gain. The paradigm shift has blown my mind. I am losing belly fat and am feeling great. Thanks Kristin!” - K.L. "Kristin’s education and guidance on food choices and meal planning, including timing, really helped me to understand why I wasn't losing the weight and how to finally lose it with strategies to balance blood sugar, It is now a lifestyle not a diet." Thanks Kristin!" - A.B.

"My symptoms decreased dramatically and I was quickly able to find the foods that triggered symptoms. I went from almost constantly debilitating hot flashes to a few hot flashes that were manageable. I've even gone some days without hot flashes, which I haven't seen in years!" - M.B.

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